Fiber Optic Cable Installation

We install fiber optical cabling in Austin TX for commercial businesses

Our fiber cable professionals will collect the necessary technical information and schedule a walkthrough at your place of business. After that, we'll propose a quote to complete the fiber installation. When the quote and scheduled time is agreed upon, we'll come out to your business and complete your fiber cable installation. That's it!

If you're a business looking for fiber cable installation in Austin, TX then look no further than Datasavior. We have you covered from start to finish with the best fiber cabling experts in the field. And because we employ a small team, we can insure a quality of work that can't be matched by the big cabling companies.

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Fiber optic cable vs. Cat6 cable

The main difference between using Fiber Optic Cable and Cat6 is the length of the run the cable needs to travel. The maximum length for a single cat6 cable is 297 ft. If longer cable runs are needed then switches would have to be inserted to prevent signal degradation.

Single-mode fiber vs. Multi-mode fiber

Single-mode is mostly used with higher bandwidth routes by Telecommunications companies, CATV companies, Colleges, and Universities. Some advantages of using Single-mode fiber cable is it has low dispersion, no degradation of signal, and is well suited for long-distance runs. The main disadvantage of Single-mode fiber is the manufacturing and handling is more difficult resulting in a higher price fiber cable.

Multimode is typically used for short distance, data and audio/video applications in local area networks (LANs).