Arboretum Plaza Conference Room Upgrade

We had the privilege of assisting Don Tait, Associate Director for CBRE at Arboretum Plaza, in the upgrade of the building’s conference room.  Our portion of the project included the A/V needed to bring the conference room up to current standards.  A Denon sound system controls the inputs into the 80″ Sharp LED TV. The inputs which are available to the users are HD cable tv, Apple TV, HDMI on the conference table, video conferencing or teleconferencing. All of the inputs are auto sensing giving the building’s tenants a simplified way to utilize the room with having to have special A/V knowledge.DSC00579_1

The video conferencing package we installed is simple to use and full of features.  The meeting organizer simply sends a calendar invitation to meeting participants through a program like MS Outlook.  The invitation includes a link which allows them to log onto the video conference using their smart phone, laptop or desktop.  The system is HD Video and Audio.  The onscreen display toggles between full screen and gallery views, allowing users to see everyone in the conference or just the speaker.