Datasavior is once again providing off site data storage for its customers. 

Data backup is extremely critical to the survival of your business. There are numerous potential hazards that threaten your data.  Equipment failures, crashes, theft, fire and flood are just a few examples of the dangers.  Your company needs a solid plan in place to assure that all of your important data is retrievable.

To protect against equipment failure, Datasavior recommends that you use at least three external USB drives for your On-site back up.  You should rotate two of these drives daily and keep the third one each Friday so that you have an archive to go to if you need to retrieve older data.  Of course, this plan does not protect you from the other threats such as theft, fire and flood. That is why we recommend to all of our customers that they take advantage of our Off-site back up solution. 

Each night your data is backed up to our secure facility.  A report is generated which shows the status of your back up.  This report is forwarded to three individuals at Datasavior.  If any errors occurred, we can immediately react and correct the problem.  To assure that your data is protected from equipment failure, we have a secondary back up that runs every day.  This back up is then taken off-site each evening.

In the event that you need to retrieve your data, we will deliver it to you on an external USB drive. This is an important distinction when comparing our service to the numerous offerings found online.  If you have to download the information through the Internet, the download could take days if you have large amounts of data.  If your practice uses digital images, you will certainly see a long delay before you are back up and running.  Some services will ship your data to you. Depending on the timing of your incident, this could be a couple of days.  Can you afford to be out of business for that long?

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