Gruene Family Dental

To whom it may concern:
I could not be more pleased with my MedicTalk software.  It has enabEed me to be completely paperless and save time with new patients.  New patients can complete their bealth histories on line before the appointment through my website link to E-Dent forms (a service of MedicTalk).  The information is stored in MedicTalk until the patient is entered into Dentrix.  Patients in the office answer the questionnaires on Our wireless notepads.   Retrieving the information to view is quick, and can be done from any computer.
I also use MedicTalk in the operatories for consent forms.  Not only did the software come with numerous consents already made up, you can enter your own.  You can add any type of questionnaire.  The software is very customizable.
The MedicTalk support is excellent.  Customer service is very important to me.  I also highly recommend the guys from Data Saviors for computer networking, installation and support, etc.  Everyone Data Saviors has put me in contact with, including MedicTalk. has been awesome!
Karen Rude, D.D.S.