Cabling team puts finishing touches on Social Security Administration office

Our friends at Trimbuilt Construction invited us to provide the voice and data cable for the new Social Security Administration’s building in Oak Hill.  Like most government projects, this one had it’s share of “preconstruction” problems.  Multiple sets of plans created by different agency representatives based on standards that were created years ago and updated in an unorganized fashion made determining the actual scope of work difficult.  But we couldn’t let Trimbuilt face these issues without lending our expertise to the project so we jumped in with both feet.  So while the start of the project was rocky, we finished with the level of quality people have come to expect from Datasavior.

Generally speaking, cabling contractors do not hang ladder rack because it is usually left to the electricians.  In an attempt to keep the project simple and on track, Trimbuilt asked that we reinstall the cable tray that was already on-site.  Luckily Adam and Andrew have the experience necessary to handle this scope of work.  The challenge here was that, in many areas, the ceiling grid was already in place.  I never asked how they were able to install the tray without harming the grid but they got the job done.

Per specifications, the cables are bundled in groups of 12 using velcro that matches the cable color

We installed 67 runs of non-plenum Cat6 and terminated the cabling using Leviton products.  The design of the MDF was provided by SmithGroup who specified that all of the cables were to be secured in bundles of 12 wires using velcro that matched the color of the cable. The data cables were terminated on 48 port Leviton patch panels on standard 19″ Chatsworth data racks.  The SSA requested a 4 post rack set to a very specific depth.  With help from our Super Rep at Accutech, Nina Cook, we were able to determine that the Chatsworth Adjustable Rail QuadraRack fit the requirement.

Adam Lopez installs the Adjustable Rail QuadraRack

Project Challenges – Multiple sets of plans; outdated and sometimes contradictory specifications, short lead time, difficult to locate items specified, ceiling grid in place making basket tray install difficult.

Project Benefits – Successful completion of  difficult project makes us look like super heros, Trimbuilt’s subcontractors are a step above all others, working in a challenging environment, positive first encounter with a new property management company.

Terry Cannon with Cyntergy AEC inspects the final install for the GSA